Monday, December 12, 2005

Someone Could Lose an Eye!

Wow! Such a wild night at the Chalet has not truly happened for a while. It may have been the festive Christmas decorations or the "warmer" weather of the day, but something brought in a crowd of people that can only be defined as insane.

First off, there were beach balls sitting on the stage. They became fun toys. Jay "Tyce", Angie-Ang, Bryan, Andrew, and others were enjoying the game of throwing them at each other and we sat back, laughing and dodging stray shots.

Beach Balls

Jay and Beach Balls

While the crazy fun was happening with the beach balls, a group of pre-drunk women arrived. All were dancing in a lewd manner. I may or may not have made the comment, "Who drove the whore bus here tonight?" Yes, it is mean. We did all wonder where all these drunk women came from though.

The group of women did seem to enjoy dancing to the different songs being sung. They enjoyed Angie singing "I Want You to Want Me." They may have been enjoying it a bit too much.

Air guitar

Bryan and Stephanie sang, "Cruisin'" together. They tend to change the lyrics to "Boozin' together." The drunk women enjoyed this rendition too.

Boozin Together

This is the sign Andrew brought from the kitchen to try and keep the drunk women from rushing the stage. One of the women actually picked it up and put it on the table.

Caution Wet Floor

Dana sang quite a few songs tonight.


The drunk women sang, "Lean on Me." Angie and I had to joke about the "If you need a friend you can call me." So we call each other whenever someone sings it.

I sang "You Can Leave Your Hat On." There were more dancers. Bryan also lent me his hat.

Pleased Crowd

Leave Your Hat On


Drunk girls

Jason was there and he sang a bunch of songs. "We Didn't Start the Fire," is always popular.

Jason singing

We noticed that all the people by the dart boards were wearing hats except Becky. Liz borrowed Dan's hat and had Becky put it on. Aren't they adorable?

Hat club

At one point, a drunk woman got upset with Bryan because Andrew was making vomit noises. She called him a "f*cking c*cks*cker!" This rather upset Dana and I. We both verbalized our concerns and the woman heard Dana's comment clearly. She then decided to yell at Dana. This does not win favors from our table.

We were pleased when that crowd left and the after karaoke group showed up. It was also pleasing when Pete and Guru left. We don't like them.

We had a great time after karaoke talking with James, Matt, and Liz. And you never know, crazy games may end up making someone to lose any eye.


(Bryan actually found an eye patch while looking for a band-aid. The guys, Bryan, Andrew, and Bobby, ended up burning it to make it look the way it does. Bryan is good at posing for fun pictures.)