Friday, December 30, 2005


It does not happen often, but I will sometimes have a dream that hits me hard. It usually wakes me up and I find my heart pounding and I remember all the details of the dream. It usually means one of two things. The first is that I am supposed to remember the dream because it is a prediction of things to come (I'm not all that touchy-feely/spiritual person, but on occasion, my dreams will correspond to some event about to happen). The second is something that most will not believe, something I didn't believe until it happened, but it can be called "lucid dreaming" or sharing a dream.

I had a dream that woke me up last night that shocked me beyond my normal, take it as it is mood. If you don't care about dreams, don't bother reading, but I'm going to write it out a bit. I'm hoping it will help me clear it from my head.

Some of the elements of the dream have clear meaning to me; I know why they showed up in my psyche. Others are hiding their meaning and I'll probably consult books soon. Okay, I'm not being clear and not being coherent.

The dream starts off with my looking at the temperature gauge on my car. It is 31 degrees F and it is snowing like crazy. This I understand. It was snowing all last night and driving home from karaoke/Perkins was an adventure. It started warming up in my dream. Within in 10 minutes, the temperature was 41 degrees. The temperature keeps increasing to a summer level (where it does stop) and all the snow is gone. And I am suddenly in Europe.

The dream is now familiar. I think I've been having the beginning of this part of the dream for about a week now. The surroundings are ones I know, but ones I know because I feel like I've visited them in dreams as a tourist. I am on a trip and learning about the place I am at in the dream. It is odd that DM is not along on the trip.

The grounds I am visiting are a vast estate. A large, sprawling building similar to a plantation home is in the center of the grounds. Inside are modern items and I know that a man wants me to use the computer inside. I do not trust him. The man is from the place I am visiting (which may be somewhere in Italy). I think he keeps complimenting me to try and trick me. He wants me to use his computer to access some type of information that he should not have. I am looking for an excuse to not help him. I do not want to be involved in his scheme. In the dream, I know his name, but it escapes me now.

A friend is with me, but it is someone I do not know. He is a man with an exotic name that starts with a D. I wake up thinking it is Dominic, but I know that is not correct. In waking life, I do not know this man. In the dream, he is a good friend. I am not attracted to him in the dream in a romantic way. I know that he is engaged to a woman named Stephanie, but he does not want to marry her. I get the impression that he is gay. He becomes quite upset in the dream, crying over the loss of his mother. He wants to go look at the two cemeteries and temple on the grounds. I also want to check out the sights.

We leave the building at the front and walk towards a Roman temple. It is similar to the Temple of Diana that Dana and I saw in Evora, Portugal. This one has taller pillars and is more rectangular than square. The temple is in ruins and I am looking for my camera. A sense of urgency has started and I am digging in my purse. I find my camera and another old camera.

As I find the cameras, we start walking towards the first of the two cemeteries. The first one is under construction and has a large pile of material with a deep pit next to it. Looking past the cemetery, I see a vast view. We are on a cliff that overlooks the country side.

A woman, who I do not talk to in any way and think may be a worker on the estate, screams. I run towards the woman and get to the top of the pile of construction material. I look down into the pit and see a young boy lying face up, wearing a bright green soccer/football uniform. His image is split into two. It overlaps itself.

I start running outright away from the image of the young boy, heading towards the back of the estate where the other cemetery is. I fall down, screaming and sobbing. I am unable to stand back up, only being able to see the image of the boy and I am appalled at how young he is.

I do not wake up yet. Up to this point, I think the dream is trying to tell me something. Then the next part happens. With no confirmation, and no idea how to bring it up because it does tend to scare people, I think it may have turned into dream sharing.

Someone I do know is suddenly running from the back of the estate towards me. Now, in cases of dream sharing that I have experienced, the person (whether it be me showing up in someone else's dream or a person showing up in my dream) always appears when the dreamer is extremely upset and needs comfort. In my dream last night, I was screaming and sobbing, unable to move forward without the help of someone else.

The person is a male (and that's all I'm saying) and is running from a tree line off in the distance. I am surprised to see him, but thankful at the same time. He runs up to me, gets down on his knees as I'm lying on the green grass, and starts holding me. He is stroking his hand through my hair, telling me that it is okay, and I am rocking back and forth in his arms, in shock. It is enough to break me of the screaming sobs. Then I am shocked that he is there and I wake up.

Now that I've written out the dream, I'm going to try and use a few dream books to see if there is any meaning. Yes, you can laugh at me now for believing in this stuff.

The death of a young boy or girl: will have a big happy family event.
A temple in a foreign country: unusual experience is coming to you soon.
Traveling to foreign countries: consider results before acting.
Being in a cemetery: will soon have prosperity.
A woman dreaming of an unknown man: boundless wealth.
Constructing other things: big profit ahead.
Distrusting others: accord among friends.
Being comforted by others: happiness in love.
The color green: good fortune in love affairs.
Materials of any kind in green: abundant means.
Another person's estate: will have a devoted marriage partner.
Taking a trip to Europe: will make important acquaintances.

Dream days:
29th - will receive plenty of money
30th - will receive good news in the morning

Hmm, now that I've looked up the elements that I can think of, I am thinking that playing the Powerball might be a good idea.

It does amaze me that sometimes bad things in dreams can mean good things in life. Who knows?