Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Weekend Update

Can you tell that my latest batch of pictures to scrapbook arrived in the mail? The sure-fire sign of this is the fact that I have not posted anything since early Sunday morning.

I spent most of my weekend in my dining room organizing pictures into categories and getting them matched up with background paper. I'll finish scrapping our Portugal trip before the next trip, I swear!

On Sunday, I got up and headed to my dad's. We watched March of the Penguins and I clapped and was giddy. The baby penguins are just adorable! One of these days I'll have to get a picture of the tattoo I have on my right calf of an emperor penguin and chick.

After Dad's, I picked up Dana and we headed to karaoke. There's a shocker! It was a great evening, as always. Members of the boy clan were there, but sans the boy. It was nice that they did not sit by us and thanks to Bryan they were adverted to an area where we would not have to speak with them. Guru and Pete are too annoying and the entire bar groans when they show up.

On a positive note, Amy, Angie, and Sara were there. We also got to see James, Dean, Liz, and Matt. Becky was there, sans Nate since that baldy decided to dump her that night (and there was plenty of men-bashing). Steve, the team lead, also stopped up and that was cool. Thanksgiving vacation for him and my being sick last week made it a bit difficult to talk shop. We had a good conversation about work. Everyone was having a blast. It was Dean's birthday as well and so certain songs were sung that will not be repeated. Here's a clue: I don't listen to country and Shania Twain is not right for me. And as much as I love DM, I won't be requesting her to sing Beth again. That is not because of her singing.

Today I headed to my mom's for dinner and to pick up my scrapbook order. She sent me home with loads of food (Jack Daniel's pork chops, applesauce, and chicken salad - yum!) I had a blast playing with all the pets and giving Chip a really good tummy scratching. My shirt is also covered in cat hair.

I loaded a ton of new pictures onto Flickr from this weekend. I'll leave you with a few from karaoke.

Dean and Matt
Dean and Matt (Matt has recently been showing up)

Bryan, taking a break

Dana and James
Dana and James
Doesn't Dana look awesome? Angie dropped off Avon that night and Dana and I each put on a bit of make-up. Yes, James is a bit odd. He does not normally growl.