Friday, December 09, 2005


This week has been an adventure for me. When I was a child, I remember my parents saying over and over, "Oh look, Beth has found a creative and interesting way to hurt herself again." This week has been a constant flashback.

Not every moment of proving my idiocy resulted in pain. No, just embarrassment.

On Tuesday, I managed to hit my knee and made it scream at me again (the same knee that I hurt when I fell). My tooth decided it was time to tell me all about how it was mad at me, throbbing a bit.

Then I realized that my sweater was on backwards. No one realized it except me because the sweater is the same on the front and the back, but I still kept feeling this odd tag brushing against my neck.

For dinner, Steve and I headed to Chipotle. It was there that I spilled my freshly filled Coke all over my shoes and pant legs. Returning to work, I was talking and my hands were a bit too involved in the story. This resulted in my scratching my own face.

We've been joking at work this week about how I'm a clutz and that my luck has not been great. Why, oh why, would this suggest a trip to the casino?

We decided that a trip up north to Hinkley was a good idea. And amazingly enough, it was! Steve broke even on the blackjack tables (actually, he was up $7.50 but ended up spending it in a slot machine while waiting for the coat check representative to return). Sarah, a banker who went with, ended up not winning or breaking even, but didn't lose anything she wasn't prepared to. I faired well at the tables and can add a little over $100 to my Christmas shopping budget!

I guess my luck has changed.