Sunday, January 01, 2006


When I got home (and obligatory posts are to come), I pulled up the Internet and I saw this:

"Your symbol, Scorpio, is an animal who lives close to the ground, and so you tend to spend much of your time holing up. How many times do you actually get up and go out unless the trip is either work-related, or a friend drags you? This year, however, the influence of Jupiter in your sign will render you a more sociable, happier, more outgoing Scorpion – and more appealing to both present and potential love partners! In fact, for the single but involved, talk of weddings may come up! Careerwise, advancement could come through an unexpected stroke of luck. You’ll be in just the right place at the right time – and your life could radically change for the better. Come out of your cave, friend Scorpio. It’s time."

ARGH! Everyone and everything is trying to force me out of my shell.