Thursday, January 26, 2006


Updating my archives (because I'm a bit OCD), I ran across two ideas from a poll that I did. I have the second still written down, waiting for the inspiration to write it correctly (and hopefully humorously). The other idea was from Mark and it was to write about the 10* Most Fascinating People I've Ever Met.

I hope I do them justice. It is a countdown to the number 1 Most Fascinating Person I've Ever Met (read that as if there were neon lights around it, flashing and a big band playing).

10. Charlie (fake name)
I debated with myself to put him on the list, but then I realized that I continually return to thoughts of him when I need inspiration and when I want to feel a bit better about myself. Unrequited love aside, he was a fascinating individual. When I knew Charlie, he was not wise beyond his years and his life experiences were not monumental by any means. He may or may not have traveled down the path of life to glory and huge achievements, but I'd like to think that his spunk, his energy, and his love of life has brought him happiness.

Charlie fascinated me more than he fascinated others, I would think that is fair to say. Quite a few of my friends from that time did not think his sense of humor or brutal honesty was a perk. He was a clown without the scary make-up and dirty jokes. Charlie was a teenage boy and so his mind was in the gutter (like many of his shots in bowling), but he wasn't jaded and he still held onto his innocence. He loved to laugh and he loved to make others laugh. He fascinated me with the sparkle in his eyes and his good nature.

9. Susan & Ellen
Yeah, I'm cheating already. Susan and Ellen are the two female cousins I have on my mother's side of the family tree. I put them together because they were my female influences when I grew up. Ellen used to watch me during the summers and I remember her wicked sense of humor. She is the reason why I believe that Barbies are minions of the devil and she influenced my writing. Susan stayed with our family when I was 13 and she went to school up here in Minnesota. Susan was athletic and she showed me that it is perfectly fine for a woman to be on her own in this world. She is married now, but at the time she visited, I saw a 24 year old woman who lived by herself and had no problem putting her friends ahead of a cheap relationship. Susan & Ellen fascinated me because they were my role models.

8. The Crew from Bugs
Don't worry, I won't keep cheating. I am lumping a group of people together because I cannot say one of them is more fascinating than another, but as a group they were a great cast of characters. This group of people was fascinating because they were so different than any group of people I had known before or since. I knew more guy's guys there and I met more women who were strong and independent (and a little "loose") than I had thought could congregate. The atmosphere of a pool hall does not always attract the classiest of people, but it does attract real people who want to laugh, want to have fun, and want to be themselves. One of the women was my friend Melissa who was so headstrong and just plain cruel if she didn't like you. I learned how to argue from her. Steph was the spunky, crazy one whom everyone adored because she was nice and sweet and didn't let anything get her down. Brent was the clown whose laugh alone could send a crowd of people into gales of laughter. Our group also had the not-so-nice people that can still send chills up my spine when I think of them. Age was never a factor with this group, social class was thrown out the window, and the whole group just wanted to be around each other. It was a good group of friends at the time.

7. Mike
Mike was my supervisor for a couple of years at work. I've had some supervisors who have been fantastic and great people, but if I had to state my favorite manager EVER, it would be Mike. He truly cares about people, even if he jokes around that he doesn't. No one can resist having a good time at work when he's there. Mike's management style is a style that I appreciate and try to model. He is a hero of mine.

5/6. My Dad
What girl is not fascinated by the knowledge and kindness and stableness of her father? Well, okay, I know that some women do not feel that their fathers are examples of the best men in the world, but I have had quite a few friends who were envious of how great my dad is. He is a wonderful father.

My dad is incredibily intelligent. He's a bit of an underachiever in this aspect and never went as far as his intellect would allow him in school. His values were not the degree. He likes to learn about new subjects and I have always thought he could out "Cliff Clavin" Cliff Clavin.

Dad will always help me and offer a stable support for me. He has always encouraged every idea I had and pushed me to better myself. He is witty and his jokes have made many furrow a brow in confusion because they don't get the references. My dad has a solid work ethic and passed that onto me. He's a great dad.

5/6. My Mom
She's crazy. But I love her. My mom has a passion and loves to get worked up over things. When she think there is something wrong in the world, she won't be shy about sharing her opinions. While this is sometimes a bit embarrassing, I do think she is fascinating. My parents were not the best combination of personalities and that's why their marriage did not last. But they are great friends to each other.

My mom has never been afraid to do what she felt was the best thing for her or her loved ones. This is most easily seen in her love for our family pets and the lengths she will go to take care of them.

My mom got cooler the older I got. We never really fought; she just doesn't like children all that much. She was waiting for that time in my life where I would be able to relate with her on a friend level versus the child/parent level.

She is absolutely crazy and I love her for it.

4. Johnny
What can't I say about Johnny? She is fabulous! Don't believe me? Read her site. Read all of it. You'll know how fascinating she is.

One of the simple things that does fascinate me about Johnny is the fact she lives in Portugal. I know that doesn't make her any more fascinating than other people living in Portugal, but I thought it was just a cool thing. That sounds lame when I write it. I just like the culture and her take on her culture.

Johnny has passion for life, for her friends, and for her furry ones. She is a vet student and works hard to get to her goals. She is HI-larious and her sense of humor comes out in spades when she is riled. She does what she wants to do and tells it like it is and I adore her.

3. Andriy
Andriy is probably the definition of fascinating (to charm, to captivate). I've written about him before and I will admit I'm a bit biased in my opinions about him because I fell in love with him instantly.

He lives in another country and we haven't spoken in a few years now. I don't think we will ever chat again or see each other. I'm fine with this. I do know he helped shape me into the person I am today.

Intelligent? Yes. Try going to law school and forming a new political action group for your country to intice young voters to actually care.

Kind? Yes. Sweet? Of course. Chilvary? In spades. Want to know more about how much he fascinated me? Read here. I may have used a fake name when I wrote it. As much as that post makes me long for being 19 again, I do like what I wrote.

2. Bryan
Fascinating. Just flipping amazing. Is it a surprise that the host at karaoke (whom DM and I have been accused of stalking) would be near the top of the list? And one of the things that makes Bryan even more fascinating than his talent for music, his creativity, and his sense of humor, is the fact that he and Liz are perfect for each other.

1. Dana
What list would be complete without the perfect best friend at the top of it? I wrote another post, early in my blogging history, about her. It's called, "Oh, I like Paul Simon, who's that guy I don't like?" Maybe Dana fascinates me because she's just so Dana-like or because she is such a good friend (even if she doesn't think so - she is) and that I can always count on her for a good time. Everyone needs a great friend and I was lucky to find one when I met her.

*There are more fascinating people that I've met and I could probably list a couple more of them without much hesitation. I'm trying to stick to the ones that shaped who I am by showing me a bit of their passions.