Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Beginnings

2005 has left and 2006 has arrived. I bet that was news, wasn't it?

A quick (hopefully) review of 2005:

Wisdom tooth pulled out - drugged up for a weekend
the player re-enters
back to school (employment law)
Adam leaves the call center (and I never see him again)
the boy shows up again

Pete tries to ask me out
I write a really long post about what type of site I have
I ended up in the ditch after karaoke
The Sheepsheadians have gift exchange
Char & I spend time at Perkins and become really good friends
I changed my hair

Annual day at the Opera
I freak out as a friend vanishes
Dana has a birthday!
I bought an iPod

My mom's godmother passes away
I get the best album ever - Bryan's
DM and I plan our trip to Portugal
We become part of the "In" crowd
Our trip to Portugal in so many words and even more words, oh, still more

My grandma passes away
Poetry is posted - This post is worth the click! Seriously.
I was promoted at work!
Taco passes away

I celebrate my 1 year blogging
I start the process of hiring a team lead
I interview Steve
I celebrate a work anniversary
I hire Steve
Dana and I travel to Tomah to meet Mark
I go to Donovan's going away party

My camera was stolen

Char moves to Texas
A shooting happens outside of karaoke
I talk with the player

School starts again
the boy is at karaoke again
Steve makes me laugh at work, proving he was the right hiring decision

I write up interviewing tips
My birthday

Steve & I talk music
the boy is at karaoke again
I fell down
Steve points out one of my dating problems
Thanksgiving at my grandparents' home

My luck changes and I win money at the casino with Steve & Sarah
Another post about work
Steve gets the team to decorate my desk

I am hoping that 2006 is a better year. It is funny, I feel like 2005 was a hard year, but when I think back to it, the first things that come to my mind are the new job, the new team lead, karaoke, the trip to Portugal, and my friends. The hard parts of the year (grandma, Taco, school, stress) are hidden away. That's a good thing for me.

Here are some pictures I've been meaning to post:

Dana smiles with cleavage
Dana and her cleavage

Dana open Bryan's gift
Dana getting her Christmas gift from Bryan

Peanut Man
The drunken Peanut Man

10000 miles
My car hits 10000 miles!

My day off on Thursday was good. I wrote that I got the turn table working but I'm still having problems recording. Bah! I went to karaoke that night and DM bailed on me. Steve showed up sans Sarah because she was sick too. He and I had a good time chatting and then got a bit of food after. The supervisor/lead relationship is important. I see other teams that struggle at work because the lead/sup do not communicate or respect each other and I'm thankful for how well Steve and I get along.

Friday was good at work. I accomplished a few things and I'm ready for the new year. Dana and I went to Matt's birthday party after work (the Matt that is friends with James, Bryan, Liz, Dean, etc.). It was good. Somewhat. Maybe Dana will write that post.

Saturday was another good day. I worked until close and was able to finally finish Steve's review. It was due by the end of the year. Nothing like procrastination. That's me. I went to Pekins with Keem and Dana after work. We played cards until 5 am and we were asking iPod questions. This is now my favorite game. iPod is better than a Magic 8-ball. Ask the question, have the playlist on shuffle, and then wait for the song title to respond. Cute.

I slept late today, still debating about going to Dad's. I may just call him and visit tomorrow. I'm still tired and want to get ready for karaoke. We're going tonight and I don't think Dana works tomorrow. With the holiday being Monday, it may be crazy at karaoke tonight and I think many of the regulars may show up. But then, some may not because of hang-overs from last night. Who knows?

I hope that everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve. Happy New Year and here's hoping that 2006 brings love, happiness, and magical memories to all!