Monday, January 23, 2006

My Vacation is Over

Today signals the last day of my vacation, the week spent relaxing, letting loose (too loose), and just enjoying sleeping in.

I have managed to mess up my sleeping habits this week more than normal. I am finding myself falling asleep around 10 AM and getting up around 5 or 6 PM. Oops. That will not work well for the 1:00 meeting I have tomorrow afternoon.

Karaoke last night was fun, as always. We were teased a little, but nothing too bad. I enjoyed the time. After I dropped DM off, I went to Perkins with Angie-Ang and that was fun. We chatted about everything under the sun. She is a lot of fun and I'm really glad that DM and I met her through karaoke.

On vacation, I still had to visit work yesterday. There is one task that I could have completed from home, but unfortunately I couldn't get ahold of anyone on the phone on Sunday to help me out by reading our vacation sheets to me so I could approve time cards. I was there about an hour. I'll be there at least 40 hours this week. Back to normal.

My last day of break consists of sleeping in, reading blogs, listening to a bit of iTunes, and then I'm going to head to Dad's to pick up laundry and probably watch some CSI. My dad enjoys television much more than I do, but at least it is an interesting show.

I may sit down with my iPod later and see what mood it is in again. I find this a bit therapeutic, which is odd. Oh well. There may be more serious posts coming later, who knows? It is a Monday and my mood is always a bit different on Mondays.