Friday, January 20, 2006

On Vacation and Not Posting as Much as I Thought I Would

Char has been in town all week long. She arrived last Friday evening (early Saturday morning) and the madness has ensued. On Saturday night, I met up with her, DM, my old boss Andy, her old roommate Matt, and Sarah (a banker) at the pool hall for some fun. Sarah and Matt spent the time playing pool while DM, Andy, Char, and I all giggled off to the side. I sometimes forget how funny Andy truly is. He had us all laughing over stories about how the U.N. has outlawed midget tossing (true story, apparantely).

Sunday was the day of craziness. That's been well documented. And I am never drinking again.

On Monday, DM and I relaxed a bit and then went to TGI Friday's to see my friend and get some food. After that, we went to Perkins and met up with Char, Matt, and Sarah. More embarrassing stories were told.

On Tuesday, I went to work for a team meeting and then went to play pool with Char, Andy, and DM. We went to Perkins after and met up with Sarah and Corrie. Again, more embarrassing stories were told.

On Wednesday, DM and I went to my mom's for dinner. I was able to see her new bathroom and we played with the animals. She gave us home made ice cream and butter (which DM's is still in my freezer - oops!). We got back to my place and watched Lost. I dropped DM off after the show and then went to Perkins for a quick bite to eat. Then I headed home and went to bed, the cold that has manifested in my sinuses begging for NyQuil.

On Thursday, I spent the day being lazy and then met up with Steve when he got off work. We headed to the casino to make our donations. He broke even. I did not. We ended up gambling for about 6 hours and then headed back to the cities. We both wanted ice cream (a billboard on the way up to the casino made it look good) and headed to Perkins again. I should buy stock in Perkins. Then I dropped him off at his car at work and headed home. Char had also made an appearance at the casino, arriving after us and leaving before us.

I have a feeling more serious posts are coming, in response to my mood. There's a lot going on in my head these past few days and I'm trying to find a way to express it. I'm not good with emotions. I can do happy. That's about it.

What I've also learned about Sunday night:

Steve's roommate Steve did take off his ear. DM was correct.
I talked about my "J. Lo" booty and how my butt is a "bubble".
I fell down a lot and Steve spent much of the evening picking me up and holding me up in my chair.
My hair was petted. It was not by Angie.

There's probably more. But it scare me more and more.