Friday, January 27, 2006


Here's a quick post to show off some of the pictures from this past Sunday at karaoke! Enjoy!

06 Angie Sara and Amy
Angie, Sara, and Amy at the door as DM was singing "Strokin'"

04 Sara and Amy
Sara and Amy

05 Dana
Here is DM singing the song

07 Dana stroking

08 Dana

09 Dana

03 Amy
Amy, being shy

01 Craig
Craig, the karaoke virgin, singing his first song! ("The Devil Went Down to Georgia")

02 Craig

10 Craig and Angie
Craig and Angie

From the Friday night at Wild Tymes

Amy and Angie singing
Amy sings with a random bar patron and Angie helps out

After the drunken crazy night

04 Dana
DM played with her hair

03 Dana
DM played with her ducks

02 Dana
AKA Glow-Ducking

01 Dana
She was sober here folks

05 Dana
Just call her the "Duck Whisperer"