Monday, January 30, 2006


Ah, karaoke. Sunday nights at the Chalet. We are surrounded by friends, fun, and temptation.

I should probably start with the pictures.

Dana (1) Dana (2)
Yes, everyone, that is DM drinking. Mark (I'll get to him) had a drink that he didn't like and DM offered to finish it for him. Does the phrase, "I'm never drinking again!" ring any bells?

She did drink a few drinks last night. DM was no where nearly intoxicated as she was on the drunken crazzzzzzzy night. Besides the fruity drink, DM only had two double shots and a beer. See:

Double Shot #1:
Dana (3) Dana (4)

Double Shot #2:
Dana (8) Dana (9) Dana (10) Dana (11) Dana (12)

Dana and the Beer
Dana (14) Dana
She actually only had 1 full beer and about 1/2 of Matt's beer. She just kept taking it from him.

DM wore cute shoes:
Dana's shoe

Angie and Steve were there. Steve left early because of working Monday morning, but we enjoyed seeing him. He liked being able to call DM, "Slur-i-cane."
Angie and Steve (1)

Amy was there and acting shy for the camera:

Amy actually had a date last night with Mark. She met him a few weeks ago (on the drunk, crazy night) and he's a pretty nice guy. He's 23. Here is Mark:

DM also sang, "Strokin'" again. She claims it is in retirement, but continues to sing it. We actually enjoy it and it is a crowd pleaser, so I don't understand why she puts up a fight and then gives in and sings it. I think she secretly enjoys it.
Dana (6)

Angie and Ryan sang, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." It was Ryan's first time singing karaoke. We rather enjoyed it and his and her facial expressions were great for the song.
Ryan and Angie Ryan and Angie (1) Ryan and Angie (2) Ryan and Angie (3) Ryan and Angie (4)

Matt was there (so was Dean and Liz, but I don't have pictures of them and we didn't talk with them as much as Matt).
Dana and Matt Dana and Matt (1)

Angie and I were also having a bit of fun with Craig. I was sober. It's hard to tell by this picture because this is very un-Beth-like.
Beth Craig and Angie

The Chalet was packed last night. It was busier than a normal Sunday and I attribute that to the weather. January is usually much colder than it is and I think people want out of the house. Whatever the reason, it was a busy night. We had a blast, even with a few of the regulars missing (Becky, James, and Liz at another table).

There was a rather drunk, short blonde who made her presence known around the bar. She introduced her breasts to DM (for an extended period of time and DM kept trying to get away from the nipples in the face). She was also found in the bathroom with a guy. At the end of the night, the guy got upse that she was so flirty with different people (men and women) and there was a little scene after last call. Bryan, Andrew, Ke, Benny, and maybe a few others went out to the parking lot to make sure the group left.

DM and I discovered how much fun it is to flirt with Craig at the bar. Neither of us want to date him, but he is a lot of fun. He's a nice guy. Angie did make a good point about Craig, "It's the five-finger rule. He drinks, he smokes, he's divorced, and he has kids. That only leaves 1 finger left and that's not enough." I think Craig will be one of our friends for a long time and never more than that.

We were having fun teasing Amy about her date. Mark and Amy are cute together and they seem to be getting along quite well. I hope that it works out for Amy. She deserves a nice guy. She did turn her cell phone off after the massive amount of text messages she was receiving from Amy and Steve regarding her date.

(Side note: as I'm writing this, my Party Shufffle on iTunes just put "Weapon of Choice" by Fat Boy Slim on. It is the Christopher Walken video. This is just too fascinating to not watch!)

Matt was there and he had had a few drinks throughout the night. His level of intoxication was higher than DM's and he was, how do I say this politely?, a bit more forward than normal. I am not blind and I've noticed certain things before, so has DM, and I've received confirmation. I guess he didn't say anything last night that I didn't already know. Okay, how to explain this?

Matt stares at me. At his birthday party (which DM and I went to a few weeks ago), he saw us come in and headed to the table we sat at and hung out with us for most of that part of the evening. He kept telling jokes and pointing out his observations about the parts of his body that make him a man. He also called me a temptress that night. At the end of that night, he hugged me and barely said goodbye to DM. I can tell that he is interested in me.

Matt works for James at a movie theater. One of the bankers on my team at work also works at the same theater with them. I found out from her that he has asked about me. He told me a bit about that last night and their stories are a little different, but basically the same.

Oh, about the temptress thing. I told someone else that I was called a temptress and the person said, "Did you blow on his neck? Did you talk in a sultry voice?" My answer was, "No," of course. The other person said, "Hmmm, doesn't seem like you're tempting him."

Last night, Matt was a bit drunk. He started by talking to DM and asked her if he should ask me out. DM was great and suggested he not do that. Give me all the "you're alone and guarded" talk you want, but it does not change the fact I'm not interested in Matt. He's a nice kid, but rather young for me. I had hoped he wouldn't make a move because it is one of those uncomfortable situations.

After talking to DM, he did move and sit by me. He told me, "I think you are very pretty." He told me this a few times. I said, "Thank you," and that's about it. I didn't lead him on and I tried to be nice without giving the wrong impression.

James was not there last night, unfortunately. He is fun and DM really enjoys him (duh, right?). He was tired and at home. Matt made a comment that he was probably at home thinking about DM (I'm putting this in a much classier phrasing).

I think that's about it for the night. I drove DM home and gave Angie a lift (she had ridden with Steve but he needed to leave early). It was a fun night, as usual.