Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In Response to Some Comments...

Yes, it has been established that DM and I got extremely drunk on Sunday night. We've spent over a full day now going, "Oh My God ..." insert something from the posts.

I did not delete the drunken posting. I will not either. I kind of find it funny. DM and I will giggle again about it.

As for hangovers, neither of us got one. My arms hurt a little from all the crawling I did, but I had no headache and DM did not either. Call us lucky.

First, the comment I left on one of the posts to clarify and expand:

"First off, it was more than $90 worth of liquor. Steve was evil and bought a few of the drinks without our permission. He's not allowed to pay for anything. Even things he consumes. Like lunch. He can buy his own clothing. But his sister buys good clothes for him. (This is an extension of the fact that when Steve and I go to lunch, it is business-related. I can't pay him for his lunches so I tend to pick up the check. It annoys him.)

I also hugged some random woman. I think I told her I was not a lesbian and then she said, "You could be bi." I said, "No, I like dick." She does too. So we hugged.

I have not dated a vampire. That is a post in waiting. I will explain later (actually, now - a banker asked me, "Aren't you the one who dated a vampire?" This may be the strangest question I've ever been asked. I have not dated a vampire; I don't actually believe in vampires. It makes it hard to date one.) This is completely unrelated to drunken karaoke.

I still don't remember why a certain person bahs at me like a sheep. It may have to do with a story about pool hall days. And scary, old men who would not score double digits on a purity test. But they did not engage in activities with a sheep while in a cemetery.

We can ignore the ***** lick ****. Not appropriate. Ever!

I told James that my boobies, Angie's, Amy's, Liz's, Sarah's, and Char's boobies were off limits. I did not tell him DM's boobies were on limits, but it was implied. And he's not an idiot. Also, he is not opposed to licking.

I guess I told many people, or just the one repeatedly, that I was horny. I do not remember this at all. I remember everything else. Not that though. I may be repressing it, or someone is lying. I vote for repressing.

I now remember how to spell crazy. See? It is C-R-A-Z-Y. Without the dashes. Like this: crazy.

And I'm commenting, sober!

That is all. Oh, and neither DM or I are EVER drinking again. No matter how much certain people tell us that it wasn't that bad and it was just funny. They left early!"

The magic ducks do not vibrate. They just glow in colors.

We did not drive home. We had rides. From sober people. That is important. And because I usually drive, it is a reason why I don't drink.

I'm still not prepared to share what I shared with people at the bar. I didn't want to share with them and I don't really want it out in the open. Not exciting.

Unfortunately there were no pictures of James that night. Our photographer left a bit early. Sorry!

I'm going to visit work tonight for a meeting (I have the week off) and it should be interesting. I will probably find out more terrible things said. Yikes!