Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another Update of the Weekend and a bit of iPod Shuffling...

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, I updated about Thursday's poor* decision to visit the casino (my wallet is still suffering). On Friday, I decided to visit my dad for a bit (watched some CSI and Monk) and then headed to Wild Tymes to see Angie host karaoke. Amy and Becky were there, as well as Angie's parents and brother. Dean also showed up later and I found out even more horrors about Sunday. It has been stated, but here I go again, "I AM NEVER DRINKING THAT MUCH AGAIN." I apologized to Dean for telling him that he had "no penis." Oops. That was not the nicest thing I've ever said.

Saturday was a good day. I slept extremely late and awoke to find a message from my mom on my phone and a text message from the player. Who knew a drunken text message would start an entire week of conversation**? I called DM after talking with my mom and told her we needed food and to see a movie. I know she's sick, but she's not that sick. Just a little cough. We went to Green Mill for dinner and then saw The Producers. It was worth it. We left the theater, singing the songs from the show and just laughing. I certainly enjoyed it.

The other night, I sat at Perkins and put my iPod on shuffle again. My iPod certainly can find a mood and stick to it. It is a bit random sometimes. Here's a little of the mood my iPod was in that night:

Song #1: Nookie, Limp Bizkit
After a night of drunken craziness and thoughts of sex, this is not the best song to hear. "I did it all for the nookie, c'mon the nookie, so you can take that cookie and stick it up your ..."

Song #2: Tired, Tabitha's Secret
"Would I be a bigger man if I built a wall around your heart and dared you to come in?" Relationships take work. I don't think I've been ready to put as much of myself into a relationship for a long time. "Hurt's a funny thing." I've been hurt before without realizing it was happening and I'm terrified of it happening again. But fear leaves me alone. I'd like to experience love again. It is worth the pain, right?

Song #3: Show Me, Bree Sharp
"Solitairy girl, I have been, living in a cell, made of skin. Sealed inside myself ... I can't fee what you feel ... Show me the way to my heart, show me, show me."

Song #4: If I Had You, Queen Latifah
"I could show the world how to smile, I could be glad all the while ... If I had you." My mom thinks this album is full of "you did me wrong but I want you back to walk all over me" songs. I think this song is about wanting, but I have no impression of "you've done me wrong." Why are there so many songs about love? It amazes me how much people are inspired by it and yet it is still so undefinable.

Song #5: Occasionally, Melissa Etheridge
"I'm only lonely when I'm driving in my car, I'm only lonely afer dark, I'm only lonely when I watch my TV, I'm only lonely occasionally." This song haunts me. Melissa Etheridge sings it with emotion and passion and the only background is someone pounding out a beat on drums, probably by hand.

Song #6: The Bad Touch, Bloodhound Gang
This is where iPod decided to focus on sex songs.
I think this song was released my first year of college. It is completely ridiculous and I am glad it not a song I purchased. Adam actually gave it to me, but it is still one I can laugh about. Remember the fad in music (that probably is still continuing and will) to just put as many pop culture references into a song as possible? It was a way for many bands to break the scene and find fans. This is one of those songs but applied to sex.

Song #7: Would You Mind, Janet Jackson
My iPod is stuck on sex. This song is so bad (in every way possible) that it is funny. My friend from the pool hall bought this album when it was released and I was still a regular. She told all of us, "You have to hear this song! It's like audio porn!" And it is. Very bad.

Song #8: Dig Down Deep, Marc Cohn
"Baby let's go below the surface, let's see what we can find. There's no reason to be nervous, it happens all the time ... Baby, let's dig down, dig down deep, could you dig down deep?" It makes me think that I shouldn't fight my emotions as I classically do. But then, that makes up me. Seriously folks, romantic feelings are so illogical that they drive me insane. I'd like to experience love again, but it scares me because I can't make sense of it. ARGH!

Song #9: Need You Tonight, INXS
I have this song because it is on a soundtrack. "Slide over here, give me a moment, your moves are so raw, I've got to let you know, I've got to let you know, you're one of my kind." I'm thinking bad thoughts.

Song #10: Obsession, Animotion
So strange! I was just thinking at the end of "Need You Tonight" that this song would be next. How did that happen? "What do you want me to be to have you sleep with me?" My iPod is horny!

Song #11: Downfall, Matchbox Twenty
"I wonder how you sleep, I wonder what you think of me ... Be my savior and I'll be your downfall." Funny, it sounds like a bad boy singing to an innocent woman. This is not what I need to hear. You know what, I pretend around people I know that I'm not that innocent. The problem is, I am a bit naive and innocent. Why am I afraid of showing my innocent side? Is it because I think it is a weakness? Hmmm, there's a thought for a shrink.

Song #12: First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, Johnny Cash
"I thought the sun rose in your eyes, and the moon and the stars were gifts you gave to the dark and endless sky, my love." American IV: The Man Comes Around is a fantastic album. I suggest listening to the man in black (the original, not Randall Flagg***) and appreciate his take on all these covers. This is really one of my favorite albums. I don't play it often, but I'd never take it out of my collection. I have to be in the right mood to listen to most of it because his voice is filled with sadness and regret and love and misery and it is moving.

Song #13: New Coat of Paint, Bob Seger
My parents bought The Fire Inside album when it came out. I loved this song as a teenager. I think I loved it because I didn't pay close enough attention to the lyrics. In fact, the line, "Set 'em up, set 'em up, we'll be knocking them down" made me think of bowling, not liquor. This song has nothing to do with bowling! Oops!

Song #14: Faith, George Michael
"I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body..." How did no one notice he was gay? I mean, I know it was the 80's, but were they really that outrageous? DM and I had to sit back in awe watching the videos while in Portugal (VH1 Classics) and just be amazed at how "out" George Michael was but no one noticed. Wow.

And just for fun, I'm going to list my Top 20 favorite albums of all times, not in any particular order:

1. Mechanical Bride, Medium
2. All You Need is Live, Cowboy Mouth
3. Graceland, Paul Simon
4. More Than You Think You Are, Matchbox Twenty
5. Skin, Melissa Etheridge
6. Easy, Cowboy Mouth
7. Sevens, Garth Brooks
8. Gordon, Barenaked Ladies
9. Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
10. Reload, Tom Jones (well, what I've heard of it)
11. The CD Steve made me for Christmas (the first one)
12. Spirit, Jewel
13. The Dana Owens Album, Queen Latifah
14. The Fire Inside, Bob Seger
15. Yourself or Someone Like You, Matchbox Twenty
16. Lucky, Melissa Etheridge
17. Lie to Me, Jonny Lang
18. Marc Cohn, Marc Cohn
19. Rock Spectacle, Barenaked Ladies
20. American IV: The Man Comes Around, Johnny Cash

*The decision was bad on the wallet. I still had a good time. So it is not a total loss. Actually, it doesn't seem like a loss at all. I had fun and that is what counts, right?

**The messages are rather amusing. I have no interest in this guy. He's a bit of fun to mess with and I enjoy the fact that at least one guy seems to be interested in me as a woman, but I seriously don't trust him and wouldn't want to date him. He is a self-esteem booster and that is all. So, on that note, here are the messages (I am (B) and he is (P) (as in the Player)):

(B) Sorry about the message last night. I was extremely drunk. I hope I did not offend you.
(P) I thought it was funny.
(B) Well good. I can honestly say it was one of the less embarrassing things from last night. Thanks for being understanding.

(P) What else did you do? It can't be that bad (Note, I am correcting his grammar)
(B) Oh it could. Dana was also drunk and we made idiots of ourselves in front of everyone we know. Lots of sharing secrets.
(P) Any fun secrets?
(B) Maybe secrets about crushes and acts we wanted to engage in with certain men.
(P) Ah, sounds like fun.
(B) It was fun. We all found out that Dana swallows. And I seem to like showing people my panties.
(P) Girls should swallow and panties are fun to look at (Again, don't want to date him)
(B) You're funny. Hey, you never answered my question.
(P) What? What was it?
(B) The original one from Sunday night.
(P) What's that?
(B) Are you playing coy with me?
(P) No, I really don't know.
(B) Okay then. I believe it was about your appearance.
(P) Oh, yeah. I am.
(B) Good. I'd hate to think you were not sure of yourself.

(P) I work with [former co-worker]'s estranged mom.
(B) That's interesting. Why are they estranged?
(P) I don't know. Her mom's crazy.
(B) Okay then.

***Stephen King reference.