Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NYE/Karaoke/Lazy Monday/New Music/Tuesday

New Year's Eve

To celebrate the New Year, I met Keem and DM at Perkins after work on Saturday night. We sat and played Sheepshead at what we now call SPAP - Sheepsheadians Playing At Perkins. As always, time with Keem and DM was fun. One of the highlights was using my iPod as a Magic 8-ball. I think I wrote this before. Oops.


On Sunday, I slept quite late and then picked up DM for karaoke. The Chalet was not as busy as I had thought, but then the day after a holiday is always a wild card.

As we were chatting with Bryan, a man walked in that we knew. He sat with us and I have to admit right now that I d not like him. I only get feelings of distrust once in awhile, but this guy brings them out. He always remembers my name but then asks DM hers. He sits close, too close, and wants to control the conversation. He talks up his past and brags about where he has lived.

DM went to the restroom (which is in shambles due to some remodeling) and did her hair and make-up. This left me sitting with him, trying to find things I actually want to talk to him about.

He brings us his ex-wife and child. Then he talks about the fact he wants to give up on relationships but really wants to wake up to a woman he can have a conversation with every day. Here's a newsflash: I DON'T CARE. YOU CREEP ME OUT.

He found out where Liz worked and showed up there. He asked me if Bryan and Liz were still together. Of course they are, quit being weird.

Sara, Craig, and Amy arrive and DM comes out of the bathroom. I am happy to see all of them. When he gets up to sing, and he does have a decent voice, I try to tell DM and everyone that I don't like him. They all think I'm crazy.

I got up at some point to use the restroom. Bryan is playing darts and I metnion that I don't like this guy. Bryan says, "Because he is pompous, arrogant, and catalogues every fact he learns about certain people." I am just glad someone else sees it.

Dean, Liz, James, and Tony (a guy we've met a couple of times) show up and join us. This is good.

The guy finally leaves, touching my shoulder to say goodbye. I want to scream, "Don't touch me!" but restrain myself. Then he is gone and all is right with my world.

"After karaoke" was fun, talking with Liz, James, Dean, DM, and Bryan. DM and I ended up going to Perkins after with Dean since neither of them worked on Monday.

We ate (ice cream mostly) and had a good conversation (that DM may post about eventually and she'll explain why she's timid about going to the Chalet again - which she is going. There's no doubt in my mind about this.) It was almost 5 am when we headed out. I dropped Dean off at his car at the Chalet and then took DM home. I got home close to 6 and headed to bed.

Lazy Monday

Monday was a lazy day. I slept late again and visited my dad for awhile. We watched the movie "Snatch" which someone lent him. It was decent. I got home, relaxed and updated my archives. Then I got stir crazy and went to Perkins.

More New Music

I got another CD from Steve over the weekend. It is an interesting assortment. There are songs I do like and a few that make me furrow my brow in confusion.

Three of the songs are by the Aquabats. The songs are Playdough, Midget Pirates, and Magic Chicken. He put these on there because the band dresses up as superheroes (purple spandex) for their shows. The songs are campy and cheesy. The beat is pretty good. I don't think I'll listen to these often, but do find myself tapping my foot when the songs play.

The next four songs are from Steve's band in college. Listening to them, one can tell they were not recorded in a professional studio. I suppose the genre would be classified as alternative/punk. The different parts are performed well; there is obvious talent in the band. The main flaw is the sound level. The bassist tends to drown out the other parts (I found out later, after writing this rough draft, that the bassist was the one in charge of the mixer. Makes sense.) Steve sings the main parts of the songs and his microphone should have been turned up in the tracks.

Three of the four songs sound like originals. The fourth is a cover of an Oasis song and I do like it more than the original. Actually, I never really liked Oasis, but this version is sped up and has a great trombone part.

The next song is one I don't like. It is called Jesus Shootin' Herion. I don't enjoy it, mainly because of the beat.

Then comes the covers. There are covers of 99 Red Balloons, Wannabe, Take on Me, and Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now. All of these songs are excellent. I do enjoy covers. That may be why I enjoy karaoke so much.

The last song on the CD is called, "My 1st Christmas as a Woman." Um, it is a bit odd. I do not see myself listening to it regularly.

The last six tracks are beat mixes that Steve created on his computer. A couple are good, however remind me of going dancing with Adam. They are very techno. Kind of fun though, makes me want to drive fast.


Tuesday was a good day. Back to work and trying to start the year on the right foot. It was busy at work and all the management staff hates it when it is that busy. I started the day with a meeting with the supervisors and then Steve and I met with one of our new bankers. I tried to get a couple of things done, mainly talking with bankers and supporting them while they took calls. It was busy and that's about it.

After work, I went to Perkins again. Tuesdays usually involve going to Perkins with Sarah, Corrie, and Steve. Sarah was sick (again) and Corrie had other plans. Steve and I still went because we both wanted a little food. We stayed too late again, but it was fun. We talked a little bit about work but ended up just chatting about life. We also both ended up taking out our MP3 players and played a bunch of music for each other, trying to expose the other to different music. Steve finds it fascinating that I actually do like most music. I don't know why he finds this so shocking.

I have another post written in the notebook that I'll probably write up tonight or tomorrow afternoon. It is all about the evilness of my iPod.