Monday, January 16, 2006

'Cause music is cool (Drunken posting_)

Disclaimer: if ther e r rypos, it's ;cause DM and I r relly drunk rugitht now. We drank lots.

Like lots of .;liqour. $90 worth of liquor. Tht lincluiges Boby's tip. OF $35. I had 11 drinks (9 regular, 2 shots - DM had 2 hosts and 7 drinks. _

re drimk

Dibn;t li k GIL> We both did.. Dm mau have licked him 2 times. I oly lcke hi onece and told him he needs the lo e of a boogd woman. I an't type t all ..

"My friend's got a girfilend and he hatea that ithc. Or something>" Music good.

Liqour 0 bbetter.

I told James that he nees the love of a good woman. But not em cause he's old. ut more approappriate for toher peopel.

Drunken posting -= effing fantasitc. Phenomenia. Dana has ducks. Not F*cucsks.


I have bnoobies!

I may ahve told many, mahy people taht.

I( amy have also told some random woman that I fon't know at the bar that I have a crush on someone.

Validation. Valiation. Someongjiong.

Oh shit, we're drunk.

I crawled. I also wanted sex.

From a person with dick.

Hee hee hee hee ~ DM<>I haare d with James, Bryan, Benny, Bobby amd Liz somethign that I shouldn't. Luckily, i did no share with others. I did tell Char. Char is cool. We like her. She is fun. How did I end up on undrline? Say wha?


I have not dated a vampire.

Chopt it off, y penis, chop it off ! that
s te spng playing.

SDorry, I cna't type at all.

aDM is giggleing evily. Bad. Evil. EVIL:!~!!!!!

She kissed JAMES!~

GIL IS JAMES. James is a good man for DM. I approve. He sis studly and manly and should seept DM off her feet. I need aman to kiss me and whisk me away. Becuas he is dorky. And a baaaaaaaaaaad boy.

Why does someone bah at me like a sheep? I an't rememeber.

DM told Games abou the Blue Stiffy. I may hvae him about the lack of blue stiffyiues. h, I id tell him about htat. I did nottell co-woerker about that.

I want *********** to lick my *********,. - Edited.

DM told me to not write that. Take thtat out is what she said. Cause I'm DRUJNK1


Our MSN thingy says, "DM n I rally drnk rogh nowq, rrealy dunk, oh, rrunk.

Yo now why? Case wer'e drunk

Oeopel e who sit next ot me when I drink get touche. I haven't been drunk in 2 1/2 years I told GJames that I wouldn'tg grab his crothc because he's old.

Old for me.l He needs the lolve of a good woman.

Don't worry, I'm not drunk. NOt at all. ALLLLLLLLLL. Lalalalalalalla.

Na, we're not ever ba\nnned from karaoke. We're not. But we ma never show up again. Case we wer drunken. Drunken nand carzzy. Crayz. I can't spell crazyzzz. How doe yeoue speell? Language is gone.

Blah! Drunke'!!

i'm goint to fell bad tomrrow. Uciky. Icky.

But I'm horny now. Oh, Ic'at geliwdeve I wrotne thaT. Oosps.

OH SHEET, drunkey. Bad, drunkye. Doneky, no, drunky. Drunky,. Drunk. No y. Bad, drunk.