Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Busy Weekend

Sunday was a fantastic day!

Each week, I look forward to Sunday for a few reasons. 1) It's my first day of my weekend. 2) I'll get to go to karaoke with DM. 3) I get to stay up later than normal and it's a good time for myself.

This Sunday was special. It was the 4th Annual Sheepsheadians day at the opera. This year I went to see The Gondoliers with Keem and DM. The show is put together by the Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company here in the Twin Cities. I've been attending the annual shows since 1987 and a few years ago, I invited the Sheepsheadians along.

As always, the show was wonderful. We left singing and dancing and smiling. After the show, Keem, DM, and I went to Manny's Steakhouse. Oh my. What wonderful, wonderful food. It has been decided that we're going to make it tradition to go to Manny's after the show every year.

After Manny's, DM and I headed to karaoke. Keem went home (I wish she'd come to karaoke more often than twice. I like Keem at karaoke.) Char showed up (yea!) and we had a great time. Michael was there and we laughed with him. Dean showed up and we got to talk with him a bit.

When karaoke was over, I took DM home. Then Char came over and we watched Ed Wood. It was enjoyable.

On Monday, I went to the dentist (again) and they gave me the gas this time. So I was feeling pretty good for most of Monday. I was going to work overtime at NABABNA on Monday night, but when I got there, they really didn't need me. My boss let me leave.

I called up Char and we met at IHOP for some food and then went shopping. I was able to use a gift card that I had for Best Buy and purchased some new DVDs. I got the 2nd & 3rd seasons of Soap. Okay, I bought a lot more than that (but it only cost $4.35 out of my pocket. I had a lot of gift cards.) I also got the 1st & 2nd seasons of Quantum Leap, the 5th season of The Simpsons, The Gods Must Be Crazy 1 & 2, Cellular, the special edition of The Terminal, and Plan 9 From Outer Space.

I also finally watched Tears of the Sun. A man at work lent it to me a few months ago and I've been putting off watching it. It was good, but really hard to watch. It's not an overly happy story. War stories never are. I guess I should never say never, but most war stories are not full of warm fuzzies.

That was my busy weekend. I have a full week ahead, but not as much planned for the evenings. I'm sure Friday night will either be a Fridleykins night or a pool night.