Sunday, March 27, 2005

100 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

I've seen this type of list before on other blogs. It's always intrigued me, but I never decided to give it a try until I saw the list on Johnny's site (Which Surprised Her.) I really enjoyed reading her list and I hope that this one is half as fun.

1. My first name is Beth.
2. It's not short for Elizabeth.
3. Or for Bethany.
4. I hate being called Bethy.
5. I am an only child.
6. I like this.
7. I love dogs.
8. I can handle cats.
9. I don't like chocolate.
10. I do like white chocolate.
11. I'd rather eat gummy candies than chocolates.
12. I love Coca-Cola.
13. I collect penguins.
14. I have a penguin tattoo on my right calf.
15. I don't watch much t.v.
16. I do watch movies.
17. My DVD collection is rather large.
18. I go to The Chalet every week for karaoke.
19. I don't really enjoy singing myself.
20. I do like singing, it's the being in front of people that gets me.
21. I am terrible at putting away my clean laundry.
22. I have too many clothes.
23. I wear the same outfits over and over.
24. I am addicted to buying boots.
25. I can't walk in flat shoes.
26. I can't dance.
27. I lip-sync Celine Dion songs that play on Musak.
28. I've been told to stop this.
29. I can't stop.
30. I hate, I hate, I hate bugs.
31. I'm not afraid of rodents or serpents.
32. I am terrible at sports.
33. Bar sports don't count on this list.
34. I love playing pool, going bowling, and I even enjoy darts.
35. I once made an impossible shot playing pool in Germany.
36. I had to buy that table a new beer and try to retrieve my cue ball from the beer stein.
37. I once hit a parked tractor with my car when I had my license a week.
38. I never told my parents.
39. I was kicked out of 9th grade science class because of a roll of paper towels.
40. I also never told my parents this.
41. I graduated in the top 5% of my class.
42. It would have been higher, if I had been athletic and could do better in Phy Ed.
43. I was never cool in school, yet I blended well.
44. I was the captain of the high school bowling team for Fridley all through high school.
45. I was voted MVP during my junior year.
46. It's one of those moments of my life I'm proud of myself.
47. I've only failed one class in my life.
48. It was finance.
49. I work for a bank.
50. I failed it twice.
51. Actually, I failed because I didn't take the final either time.
52. The first time my power was cut off and I overslept (no alarm clock).
53. The second time I forgot to take the final (correspondence class).
54. I had a crush on my first Human Resources professor.
55. I changed my major to HR after that class.
56. I quickly change my major to accounting after that.
57. Now I'm going for a general business management degree.
58. I don't cook.
59. I don't even know if I'm a good cook or a bad cook.
60. I've only gone grocery shopping 5 times in the last 3 years.
61. I spend too much money eating out.
62. I love math.
63. I like reading.
64. Men with Slavic accents are sexy.
65. I hope to someday stand in Red Square to see the scenery.
66. I don't sit still very well.
67. Even when watching movies, I feel like I have to do something.
68. I love music.
69. I've become addicted to my iPod.
70. I still have 4,000 songs to load into it.
71. My ears are different shapes.
72. The only jewelry I consistently wear is my dad's wedding ring.
73. Watches don't count as jewelry.
74. I do feel naked without a watch on.
75. I've only broken one bone in my body.
76. It was my index finger on my right hand.
77. I didn't tell anyone all day long because I wanted to go to a birthday party.
78. My mom took one look at it and took me to the emergency room.
79. I was late for the party.
80. My finger never healed properly and it leans to the right now.
81. I love office supplies.
82. I worked in an office supply store for one month in high school.
83. My entire paychecks went towards paper, pens, and other fun toys.
84. I've been playing more pool lately.
85. I had an eight-ball break the other night.
86. One time at Bugs I broke and made the 9-ball five times in a row (playing 9-ball).
87. I have my own cues.
88. One was a birthday present when I turned 16.
89. My cues are a prized possession to me.
90. When I get mad at someone, it sticks.
91. I'm not good at forgiving.
92. I have a lot of 80's music, but I don't really like it.
93. I love classic rock.
94. I was born in the wrong era.
95. I should have been in high school in the mid-70's.
96. I'm one of the youngest of my friends.
97. It doesn't seem like it sometimes (this is nothing about immaturity).
98. I've been outside the United States twice.
99. Once was a three week to Northern Germany.
100. Once was a day shopping trip over the border into Mexico.
101. Germany was better.
102. I don't remember much Spanish or German.
103. I tried to take Russian.
104. I wasn't good at it.
105. I'm going to Portugal.
106. That's all I can think of.