Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Heading out in the chilly night, I went to IHOP with a co-worker. As I walked into the restaurant, there were three employees standing at the cash register. One of them was a waiter I've seen before, the other two were new employees, both younger women.

The three stood there, staring at me. Typically, when I walk into a restaurant, the employees say, "Hello, and how many tonight?" Not tonight. They just stared at me. It lasted beyond the point of being uncomfortable. I walked up to one of them and told her, "Two please."

She led me back to a table and I waited a couple of minutes for my co-worker to show up. We ordered, but I kept finding it strange that the employees would walk by and stare just a little too long at me.

After we had eaten, one of the women walked up to our table, finally getting the nerve to talk to me. She said, "Excuse me, but is your name Beth?"

This is where I got very confused. My name, obviously from the sidebar, is Beth. But I've never seen this woman in my life.

I say, "Yes, it is."

She replies, "I thought so. You were here last night talking about such and such."

Then I give her an extremely blank look. I know that I was at an IHOP yesterday, but it was a different IHOP. I also know that I was still feeling the gas from the dentist office, but I was not that out of it.

I think I have an evil twin. I'm not sure if she's evil, and she probably is not, but it's more fun to think of an evil twin than just a twin who has the same name as I do.