Monday, February 07, 2005

Saga or "I Don't Want to Be a Skank Troll"

**Disclaimer: I am usually a very nice person. Sometimes, however, I go on vants about different things which some find funny and I usually feel bad about afterwards. This may be one of those. There are numerous links in this post, I will notate the ones that are extremely relevant to the story.

Super Bowl Sunday. Yep. Yea. Football.

True to form, I did not watch ANY of the game. I have no interest. It's not hockey. I know that sometimes a guy catches the ball, does a little dance, and the score goes up. Then there is a commercial. Then the score seems to go up again. That's my understanding of the game.

I love going to karaoke. There are fun and friendly people at karaoke. There are those I enjoy seeing every single week. There is also a duo that comes in regularly that has been a focus of mine lately. Wait. There is one guy in this pair that I am interested in. I have no interest in the other.

There is much I want to share about tonight at karaoke, so this may get a little long (like that's a surprise with me). I did get a chance to finally wear my red boots tonight. I bought them in Vegas. Here's one of them:


For the long-term readers of this site, you may find some of this a review. For the newcomers, enjoy the saga I call my life.

I like this guy. I refer to him as The Boy on this site. He flirts with me and I find him attractive. I have gotten myself into a tizzy about him, mainly because I'm an over-analyzer. Most of the random, really crazy posts have not really been about him, but more about me trying to deal with the possibility of dating someone. It's really a simple crush, but I have this logical thought pattern and anything I don't understand will stay in my mind constantly.

The quick synopsis: He's been coming up to karaoke at The Chalet as long as I have, probably longer. I don't remember him when we first started going there on Thursday nights back in, when was that?, three years ago. Wow. Time really does fly. I know that we've been going up there on Sundays since the end of 2002 or early 2003. We used to go to Wild Tymes in Saint Paul on Tuesday nights. I miss going to Wild Tymes. We don't go there as often mainly because of the fact it's a Tuesday night and I work late and DM is in the middle of her work week.

Well, in October, The Boy went from being someone I watched from across the bar to someone who sat at our table and talked to me. I was impressed with the fact he looks into my eyes when he talks to me and I am attracted to him. I know the attraction comes from the fact he looks similar to a couple of different guys from my past (that I still care about).

We did this flirting thing each Sunday night and it drove me crazy. Mainly because I am logical and I can't handle the not knowing what is going on.

Well, The Boy has a friend. His name is Pete (fake name - which I use too much since DM and I have had to restrain from calling him Pete to his face and we both look confused when people use his real name). The Boy and Pete play darts together and visit The Chalet together. When The Boy comes to sit at our table, Pete tags along and sits there, almost dead to the world.

In November, The Boy and Pete invited DM and I out to play darts at another bar. I was thrilled. We got ready for the night and went to the other bar.

Now, this is the link to read if you don't know the story already. It's important. I'll wait for you here.

Alright, now that you've read that story and agree that DM is the best friend in the ENTIRE world, let's continue.

The Sheepsheadians (Matt, DM, Keem, and I) sometimes get "silly" and occasionally we get a tad "mean". We don't really mean to be cruel, it's just more of a way to release frustration and anger.

If you've read the link (really, you should, otherwise this won't make any sense), you will understand my dislike for Pete. My dislike for him is the reason for this next picture. On Saturday night, I was at Fridleykin's with Matt and DM and I started to draw on Matt's left hand. DM drew on Matt's right hand.

This is my drawing of Pete. It's not even close to what he looks like. He's not bald, he has more teeth in his mouth, and I'm pretty sure he does NOT have a large mole with a hair growing out of it on his nose. Update: I realized that I took the picture BEFORE I drew the mole. But there was a mole with hair sticking out of it later that night on Matt's hand.


Pete does not pay any attention to me and I pay no attention to him. The Boy is animated and flirts with me constantly. I only acknowledge Pete when The Boy is there. You would think Pete was not that dense. Especially since DM and I left the "How did I end up on a date with Pete?!?" night because she had an "asthma attack".

Before I go too much further, I have to state that I've let The Boy know I'm interested. I gave him my phone number in December. Then I didn't see him for five weeks (maybe it was six weeks, I don't remember now). I did not see Pete either.

Last week, they walked into The Chalet and my world was thrown off-kilter yet again.

The night I gave The Boy my phone number, Pete had met these women up at The Chalet. Matt is the one who coined the phrase "skank trolls". One of the women was all over Pete and he was returning the affections. The one who was all over Pete, I'm sorry to say this, was unfortunate looking. I think that's a nice way to say it.

Let's get real. She looked like her jaw would fall off if she bumped it. Remember in Beetlejuice when Geena Davis's jaw fell off? That's what we kept imagining was going to happen. She looked like she's had some problems with cosmetic surgery. She was also really drunk and kept begging Matt to sing a Tom Petty song. Matt, who does not scare easily, was frightened by her.

This is DM's depiction of the "skank troll":

skank troll

Well, tonight, The Boy and Pete were there. I didn't expect them to actually show up due to the Super Bowl. But they walked in the door halfway through the night and I felt the butterflies in my stomach. They met a couple there (I never did catch those people's names) and drank beer with them. The Boy joined our table for a while and looked in my eyes, as usual. He did the smiling and I smiled back. When he walked up, he said hello and made sure to call me by my name. He didn't call DM by her name. He stayed for a little while and then joined Pete and the couple at another table nearby.

He sang one song and then ended up leaving early. He didn't say goodbye to our table.

After he left, Pete and the couple joined our table. This was a little bit, um, odd. Luckily, Pete was at the other end of the table and talking to these other people that Michael knows. (Michael is a friend of ours from karaoke.) DM and I were engrossed in conversation with Dean and having a great time. We've known Dean from our early karaoke days. We met him at Wild Tymes and he's a ton of fun. Plus, he can RAP. I don't like rap, but I like when Dean raps. Actually, Dean is one of the two people I can handle rapping. Bryan (the host) doesn't really count because when he does rap songs he usually sings them lounge lizard style. The other rapper that I do like is a guy from work who put out a gospel rap album and it is pretty darn good, even if I don't like gospel or rap. That sounds weird now, doesn't it? Just trust me, it's good.

After the last song of the night, Pete got my attention. He said, "Beth! Beth! I want to ask you something later."

I went, "What?" This was because I couldn't hear him over everyone else's conversations. (I also did the motion of my hand cupping my ear to indicate I couldn't hear him and not that I was asking him what he wanted to ask me.)

He repeated that he wanted to ask me something and I said, "Okay." Read the "Okay" as a frightful, "OMG, I'm going to have to talk to Pete."

He later did the come over here motion. I got up, walked over to where he is, and then got the question asked to me.

"What are you doing Saturday night?"

This is where I was EXTREMELY happy that I work nights and that Saturday nights are part of my work week. I explained that I would be at work.

Then he said, "Well, I want to ask you out on a date. I guess I'm asking you out on a date. What are you doing after work?"

I explained that homework would be a priority (well, it might be).

He continued to list off other days of the week. He said, "Oh, you probably have a boyfriend."

Now here's the dilemma. I DON'T have a boyfriend and I would use it as an excuse IF not for the fact I am still slightly interested in his friend. (Who obviously didn't tell Pete that I gave him my number or Pete is just that DENSE.)

I told him I don't, but I was also honest and just said no to him asking me out. I said, "I'm sorry, but I'm not interested." Is that mean? I don't think it was. I think torturing myself with a night out with Pete would be worse and just plain cruel to both of us.

I DO NOT LIKE PETE. It's not that he's that bad, it's just that he has NO personality. We have NOTHING in common, other than the fact we both seem to want to spend time with The Boy (him as a friend, me as someone wanting to get to know The Boy better (well, at least before, I'm a little less on the giddy side right now)). I would think that Pete would get it that I don't like him. I don't approach him with conversation. I don't look at him. I barely respond to his questions (which he doesn't ask very often - he doesn't really talk much). It is quite OBVIOUS to everyone at karaoke (mainly DM and Michael and when Matt is there) that I'm into The Boy, not Pete. I flirt with him (which I barely know how to do) and I smile when he's around. I was visibly disappointed when Pete was the only one to show up on the night of "How did I end up on a date with Pete?!?" You would think he would get it.

He's just that dense.

So now, it's going to be strange around him. Whatever. I don't care what he thinks of me and I'm not interested in him. I don't know if I'm still interested in The Boy or not. I think I can stop riding the crazy train about it though.

At least DM and I got to have fun at karaoke tonight with Dean and Michael. They always make it enjoyable.


At 8:22 AM, CarpeDM thought...

You are a nice person. Pete is obviously delusional. But we pretty much figured out that before on the "How did I end up on a date with Pete?" night.

I love those boots.

Dean and Michael are great. I always enjoy it when Dean comes up to karaoke. I think we should talk him into singing Love Shack with us some night. That would be fun. I heard him sing it once before and it was pretty cool.

I'm not sure what's up with The Boy but there's always next week to continue with our soap opera - As the Karaoke Plays. That's a really lame title but I'm tired. Okay, got to go. Need to catch my bus!