Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bet I'm Not What You're Searching For...

No, this isn't a dating post. I am fascinated with the searches that produce this site for people out there. I tend to keep a list next to the computer and it's time to share again. Beware, some are funny, some are frightening. I think the most frightening part is which posts ended up triggering my site on the search.

"birth stories"
dating frustration - not so scary
enema stories free (there have also been four separate other searches for 'enema stories')
penguin tattoo (three separate searches)
why do i keep losing at sheepshead
"Bridge over Troubled Waters" meaning
fictional stories how we were introduced to swinging
brian wilson and "lying in bed"
dad and son "gay" "stories" "pics" "bi" - This search managed to produce the post about the Fridley 49er day parade
sappy sweet love story
"funny child birth stories"
bug squishing stories
sheepshead hat
"necrophelia" + "picture"
gay mens stories
play makeovers
conan ford taurus
cleaning sheepshead (apparently it's more than a game! It's a fish!)
stories of girls stuck in glue - Where the hell did this one come from?

And on a side note, I searched Google for "enema stories" just to see how quickly my site popped up. It was not in the first 170. How badly did these people want to hear a story about an enema?!?