Monday, February 14, 2005

An evening out with DM

This may come as a shocker to may out there, but for some reason, I woke up at 11:30 AM today. Being the non-productive person I am when it comes to school work, I surprised myself and have already completed a paper for my learning group today. Be proud of me.

With that out of the way, I don't have to feel as guilty working on a post before tackling the next weekly assignment. I'm ahead of schedule!

As usual, DM and I went to karaoke last night. It was snowing like mad outside (hence the post right below this one) and so The Chalet was not as busy as a typical Sunday night. Karaoke ended up starting later than usual, but we didn't mind. I was not relishing in being one of two singers besides Bryan. I can handle a little spotlight, but I'm not pursuing any type of career in singing. I just like going to karaoke because fun people show up.

The Grammys were on and we watched the big t.v. for a bit. I realized that I can identify many singers by their voices, but I don't know what they look like. I listen to music, I don't watch music. Loretta Lynn won some award and started to give her thank you speech. Now, I get a bit sarcastic when watching award shows, so this is the result:

LL: I want to thank everyone. I want to thank...
B: No. You already thanked everyone. There's no one left.

DM and I discussed my dad's vacation. My dad just got back from Florida and had been showing me video clips and pictures from his trip before I went to karaoke. There were many alligators in the pictures. In one picture, my dad's golf ball (he likes golf) had landed six feet from an alligator. One of his golfing buddies took a picture of my dad hitting the ball with the alligator in the background. I explained to DM that Dad told me the alligators don't bother anything larger than what they can eat. He told me that there were even cattle that was grazing within 10 feet of the alligators. Here's the resulting conversation:

D: Wait, there's alligators AND cattle?
B: Yes.
D: Do they frolic together?

I guess the Minnesota mindset just doesn't grasp alligators too well. It had sounded odd to me as well.

DM and I ended up on the conversation of Pete and The Boy. We were discussing the term "skank troll". Here's the conversation that resulted:

D: It was fun drawing on Matt.
B: We should make note pads of Matt's hands.
D: That may the oddest thing you've ever said.
B: We could have notebooks with pictures of Matt's hands! Then we could draw on his hands all the time. We could be artists. Hand artists!

Yes, we are strange.

Because of the snow, I didn't really expect The Boy and Pete to show up. I was also not expecting to have as good of a time with them as we did. But I did manage to shut off my brain during the night and make an idiot out of myself.

Before I go further, I need to explain a conversation I had with my best friend from high school. Her name is Liese. Every single time we talk, she asks me the same question and I typically respond in the same manner. This time it went like this:

L: Have you found anyone yet?
B: Was I supposed to be looking?
L: Oh, you need to date.
B: I don't need to date. I would like to date, but not to the point that if I don't have a man in my life, I'm going to get depressed.
L: So, any prospects?
B: Um, I don't know how to answer that.
L: What about that one guy?
B: You mean the karaoke guy?
L: Yes. What about him?
B: He flirts with me.
L: Flirt back.
B: Liese, you've known me since we were in 7th grade. I don't know how to flirt. Have you ever noticed that?
L: Well, duh!
B: So how am I supposed to flirt back?

She just laughed at me. And of course, last night I realized as soon as I said it that I'm an idiot when it comes to flirting. What is it in my brain that makes me start a conversation with:

B: Did you know that men can lactate?

I don't even know how this popped into my head. It just flew out of my mouth. And the thing is, I've even written about where I learned this fact before. (The post is not for the faint of heart.) So now I've talked to him about male lactation and enemas. Wow. God, I'm an idiot.

The Boy and Pete told stories all night. DM and I did too. Dean stopped by and told a couple of stories. It was just plain fun last night. DM told The Fish Hook Saga. I told the blind date story, pointing out that miner's lights and calling me Babe do not go far. The Boy and Pete told stories about fishing and we all shared customer service stories. DM even mentioned in the car afterwards that the night was good to help her remember stories to tell for her blog.

Of course, I still have questions that are unanswered. It would be good to ask them, but of course, I don't know how to act in a flirting stage. I did end up learning some things during the night from bits of casual conversation.

Here's a random list:
The Boy is 30. He just turned 30 and he's an Aquarius. This came from the discussion where DM stated that fishing was hurting her kind (she's a Pisces).
His last name is NOT McGoogleheimer. But my theory about being Irish-Catholic was correct.
Pete's last name is uncannily close to the word troll that it is still making me laugh.
The Boy is even more of a Clint Eastwood fan than I had originally thought. This is cool.
I still can't determine his eye color. I even made a conscious effort to figure it out. Before last night, I would have sworn his eyes were a deep blue. Then last night, I would have sworn they were a light gray/green/blue mix. Maybe his eyes are like Adam's (my former roommate) and change color.
I also STILL have no clue as to whether or not he's involved with someone. A couple of people have mentioned that they think he might have a girlfriend, but it makes no sense with the conversations and actions around.

About the girlfriend front, he talks like he's single. There's no mention of a girlfriend (which I will admit one playing games wouldn't talk about that) by him and there are strange references to looking for someone. Like the conversation last night about God's sense of humor. He was talking about how men chase women, referring to biological impulses. The words were non-specific, but when discussing it, he pointed to himself when referring to a man and then pointed to me when mentioning the pursuit of women.

And I just realized, that once again, I'm way too logical and look for reason behind EVERYTHING. This is a damn curse. It just is.

And if he had a girlfriend, why the hell would Pete try to set him up with the skank trolls? The Boy even talks about things he does all week long. He sounds like a busy person and he tells many tales of working long hours, going out to different karaoke and darts bars, and going fishing (ice fishing). I get the impression (and I could be way wrong here) that he's not hiding anything, but then, he could be sharing just enough information to give that impression. Oh, hell, I don't know.

I know I had fun last night. I know that I think he's attractive, funny, and nice. I know I hope to talk to him again.

A funny side note to the evening, DM and I both agreed that Pete finally brought a personality with him. He was active in the conversations and showed a few glimmers of intelligence. Believe me, we were shocked! He wasn't annoying this week.

The guy who calls me Elizabeth was there again. He called DM "D". So, he seems to lengthen my name and shorten hers. He's a strange cookie.

Well, I guess there's always next Sunday. DM is right, I may still be doing this when I'm 80.