Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Lifting the Weight


There is something about that feeling of relief that just feels GREAT! It's like a weight has been removed from my shoulders.

In the last half hour, I completed my final paper for my employment law class, finished up my weekly summary, and did all the little end of course things. Then I called the admissions office and requested to have my next class not start until August.I am taking a break from school.

Yes, I know it makes the degree farther off in the future. The thing about it is that the company I work for, NABABNA, only pays the tuition up to a certain amount each year and I really can't afford to take more than about 4 classes a year. I only have about 8 left, so two years looks good.

I was planning on taking one more class and then having the break (because I'm going to PORTUGAL!), but then the school decided to stop giving us the week off between classes. So I decided now would be a good time to schedule that break.

Economics, as "exciting" as they are, were not my top priority for the next five weeks and they look good for August.

And now, with class out of the way, I can check up on blogs, write more, and go out more! Yea! It's fun!

I'm sitting here with a very large smile on my face. I have a cold, but it is knocked into submission with this happy news.