Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

I set my alarm to wake up today at the same time I do on workdays. By doing so, I have about three hours before DM, Keem, Matt, and Scott will be over here and we start exchanging gifts and taking a zillion pictures*.

Last night at work, a woman asked me, "So... what is tomorrow?" She had the grin on her face and I broke into a smile. Sunday was coming soon! Yea! And this Sunday is even more special.

The woman I work with told me that she looks forward to each Tuesday (the beginning of each of our workweeks) just to hear the karaoke update. She just may be the biggest supporter of my crazy crush.

I told her (in response to her "what is tomorrow?" inquiry), "It's Christmas AND karaoke!" To which she furrowed her brow and then asked why I thought Christmas was in February. I explained and she was smiling again.

I hope I have good stories to tell her on Tuesday!


*Last year's gift exchange produced enough pictures for me to fill an ENTIRE scrapbook. One day = one scrapbook. It's like Vegas. I had enough pictures to fill three scrapbooks for a week's vacation, AND I'd been to Vegas before. What's going to happen when I go to PORTUGAL with DM? If I could take 2,000 pictures there, I'm sure I would. I took 23 rolls of film in Germany and I was only there for 21 days. And that was pre-digital camera days.