Wednesday, February 16, 2005


For the past five weeks, I've been taking an Employment Law class. When the class started, I was fascinated with the topics. The class has proved more interesting than any other class I've taken so far in my program (such as that horrible computer class or statistics), but now I'm having a problem.

The topics grab my attention and the reading is easier for me. I don't cringe when I open the textbook (PDF file) on my screen and read about such topics as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Family and Medical Leave Act. I see the relevance of these topics in my daily work. I believe in the laws passed to prevent discrimination.

The class is almost over and these past two weeks have been hard for me. It's not that the topics are less interesting or that I am struggling in the class, in fact I'm still maintaining a good grade and I get the assignments done. But...

But I can't concentrate on the work. I am supposed to be writing a paper about employee safety, health, and welfare law right now (FMLA is the subject I'm focusing on), and I got about half way through it and found myself staring into the distance. And hell, I found myself doing it again while writing this post.

I have about two hours left before I need to go to bed and I have to finish this paper and then make some Power Point slideshow about affirmative action. And yet, I stare at the wall. It's driving me batty.

What is it about my personality that grabs onto one topic and keeps spinning it in my mind over and over until I can't remember where I started? Is it logic? That doesn't make sense. Logic should make things clearer, not cloud them. But I can't concentrate on topics that I need to focus on. And I'm interested in the topics I need to concentrate on.

I'm crazy, I just thought everyone should know. I seem all normal on the surface, but that's just a joke. I'm crazy. And I'm getting worse, not better. What is the cure? I think the only cure is answers to questions, but what questions?

Bloody hell. I'm just insane. Someone smack me upside the head now (but please, do it gently, I don't really like pain).