Friday, February 11, 2005

Writer's Block

I have now started writing four separate posts tonight and have not published a single one. The stress factors in my life may be rising again.

One of the posts is about what type of site is this. Now that I look at the other posts, I don't see how this one is giving me so much trouble.

The second is about an observation. It's in the back of my mind and I feel like I want to share it here, but I haven't found the words for it yet. I have gotten it started about six times and I keep getting stuck at the ending.

The third and fourth posts are both about my extended family and a phone call I received from my mom tonight. While working on both of these, I broke down and found myself sobbing at the keyboard. It's such a long story and I just don't have the energy to tell it here. Not all of it.

For those who know me IRL and know the full story about my grandma, I just want to share the message from my sobbing mother tonight. It seems Grandma called to tell Mom that her neighbor had accidentally called the wrong number and Grandma seemed to think that the neighbor had called my mom's house. Mom lives in Minnesota and Grandma lives in Arizona. But because the person on the other end answered, "Brooks residence," Grandma called my mom to apologize for the mistake. Grandma is getting more confused each day and it scares Mom and it scares me. I might joke about it, but that's just a defense.

So I guess I'm trying to say, if there's any chance of the Queens coming out to play on Friday night, I could really use the time with my friends.