Sunday, February 06, 2005

A Glimpse into My World

It's Sunday (finally) and I have much that I want to comment about, but none of it is really earth-shattering.

First of all, I made some changes to my template again. I finally figured out why my footer never worked and now it does. I'm happy about that. What do you think of the new colors? I'd love to know.

I feel like I learned so much in working on my template. I had to use the preview function about 200 times, but it was fun! DM was sitting next to me and we were listening to music, smiling, and just having a good time learning something.

There seems to be this overly large, built-up sporting event going on today. I have never watched a Super Bowl in my life and with my lack of football knowledge, I have no desire to start. I am kind of upset about the Bowl though.

I do appreciate fans of football and the fact they want to watch the game. I get that. I'm just really hoping that a certain football fan does not end up using the Super Bowl as a reason to stay home from karaoke tonight.

I am, of course, referring to The Boy. I had been in the state of not worrying about him walking in the door at karaoke, but I'm right back in the wanting to get to know him better. I don't want to judge his actions without proof and I'm a little (lot) excited to see him again. I'm hoping this football game doesn't prevent him from showing up tonight.

I have about five posts I've been meaning to write. I really should get to those, and I will, but tonight after karaoke will be schoolwork. I have a paper on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to write and edit.

Oh, I'm not dressing up majorly for karaoke. I am just wearing my comfy blue jeans and one of the white shirts that I bought a couple of months ago. But. But!

I'm FINALLY wearing the red boots I bought in Vegas. I have never had enough courage to wear them before and tonight, I want to feel good about what my feet look like. That sounds crazy, yes, but it's what I want.

Well, DM and I are going to be leaving pretty quick here. We're stopping for food on the way to karaoke (hope I don't spill on my white shirt - that would not be a thrill).


At 8:15 PM, CarpeDM thought...


I love the changes! Of course, I sat by you while you played with this and added my own two cents in but it rocks! It doesn't rock ass, though. Just so you know.

I'm not sure what tonight will bring. I know that, for the first time in God only knows when, I cared enough about my appearance to do more than just running my fingers through my hair and walking out the door (Not that you can tell because it's so damn long now that it's hanging in my eyes! It would be wrong to cut my own hair. I know this. Remind me of this later when I ask someone for a scissors at The Chalet). But yes! I am wearing make-up! Alert the media!

Have I mentioned how much I love my happy pills? Because I really do. I can't wait to go to karaoke and sing and dance (well, in my chair) and have a great time.

As to whether The Boy will show up, I don't know. I'm sure when he mentioned that he'd be there tonight, he knew it was Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe his love for you is beyond that of football (I'm kidding! Kidding! I meant like!). Plus, The Chalet is also a sports bar so there's a possibility people will be watching the game on the big screen tv. So he may be there.

I hope so. I like watching you be giddy. The Chalet awaits! Hi-ho, your silver car!

At 9:40 PM, The Lioness thought...

OMG this template is fucking gorgeous!!! WELL DONE!!! Can't even read post now, must hit bed, studied long, just came in to skim and see whether everything is fine - and to tell you loyalty appreciated but post is abt things I've been noticing on other blogs, not me, no one has said anything like that of me. V sweet of you, hugs and kisses.

At 4:41 AM, Weary Hag thought...

Love the new template! Just woke up and still trying to get the cobwebs out of my head... wanted to stop by real quick and was so surprised at the changes. Great job!


At 1:34 PM, Lala thought...

I like it, ish pretty, *rambling around in a drunken haze* ish that poorple? andgray?