Sunday, February 20, 2005


The fourth annual Sheepsheadians holiday gift exchange brought me out of my apartment this afternoon, heading towards the mall. I had one specific destination in mind and I made it there safely. Creativity in gifts escaped me this year (which it tends to do) and I knew exactly what I wanted for DM, Keem, and Scott. I had one idea for Matt and then I was stuck. I ended up calling him from the store and said, "WHAT do you want?" He's hard to shop for because he doesn't give ideas. He says, "I'm happy with anything."

I'm walking into the store of the mall and in the corner of my eye I see this guy walking towards me. As he passes me, I realize that he looks familiar. But I have absolutely no clue where I know him from. At first, I figured he was some regular at the pool hall or a regular customer from my days as a teller.

After I pass him, I hear from behind me, "Beth." He whispered it. When I turned to look at him, he was looking the other way in that obvious, 'I'm teasing you' way. You know what I mean? His head is stretched in the opposite direction in an exaggerated manner.

Well, logic took over and I knew I needed to buy gifts. So I kept walking. I totally ignored him.

And as I was driving home from the store, it hit me. I do know this person. He used to work in our call center at NABABNA. He's a nice guy and I totally didn't stop to say hello. I feel bad about it. I'll get over it quickly, but I would have liked to see what was going on in his life.

I still cannot remember whose team he was on. Maybe the Sheepsheadians will know.

Do you ever do that? See someone that you think you know, but you're too afraid to just walk up to a stranger and say, "Where do I know you from?" I feel like saying that to someone could be an insult. What if it's someone that you do know and they remember you? I've had people from high school stop me and I don't remember most of them. I think it's because they didn't mean that much to me. Oh well. Less than an hour and a half until the Sheepsheadians are here!