Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Note: I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting something every night. I find posting relaxing and a way to reduce stress, but I've been lax lately. This post will explain a little of where my attention was directed.

I will admit, right now, that I have a personality that gets me in trouble. Most often, it is my wallet that feels the hurt, but it still takes my time and energy when this happens. I become addicted. This is why I don't want to try drugs. I'll get addicted. But, here's the deal. In my life, certain addictions have stuck with me, hence the need for Coca~Cola, for years and others have been fads. The fads sit in a box taking up a corner of my apartment and gather dust. One such example would be the addiction to beads that I had four years ago when I felt the urge to make a beaded curtain for the closet at my mom's house. I don't live there anymore and the curtain is tacky, yet I still have the beads.

Some things I've found myself addicted to:
Collecting mini-liquor bottles
Stephen King novels
...this list could go on for quite some time.

My newest though is Boggle Supreme, a game for the computer. As a child, I played this game with my parents and they allowed me to have two letter words until I was old enough to hold my own against their intellect. It had a demo on this new computer and I got hooked. Completely.

The benefit of being addicted to Boggle is the wealth of vocabulary I'm picking up and it is so useful (read as sarcasm). For example, tonight I learned these words:

nene (n) a Hawaiian goose
ghee (n) a kind of butter made in India
geeing (v) to turn to the right
indene (n) a hydrocarbon
swinge (v) to flog
serow (n) an Asian antelope
herl (n) a feathered fishing lure
rebec (n) an ancient stringed instrument

Not words I would use on a daily basis, but if I ever become addicted to crossword puzzles, they may prove useful.