Friday, May 19, 2006

What is to Come...

These are the posts that need to be written. It has been a busy vacation week and DM and I are having way too much fun. Besides 3,000+ pictures since Sunday, we've got a few stories to share.

Who Carries a Shrunken Head?
Castle Danger and Night Danger are different things
My New Favorite Word
Is Canada Closed? AKA Adventures in Lodging
Crossing the Border
First Impressions of Canada
The Beaver Post
Why Do People Keep Honking At Us?
Cutface Creek
Knife River (do you think they're related somehow?)
Scenic Spots
Drive By Shooting
Tripods are our friends
Ritual Sacrifices
The Beauty of Digital
Bob's Cabin
Forty Cents

And the reason why we went to Canada. Hee hee. Many of these are bits and pieces and will be combined for posts. It will happen. Soon. Maybe.

BTW, DM and I are planning on being in Wisconsin on Sunday. Diana - if you have a good town or city name for us to meet you in, let us know! (You can email if you feel more comfortable that way. My email again is