Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Night Danger - People!

The first day back at work was a busy one. I walked in to find my desk buried in paperwork, 33 calls returned by our quality monitors, the opportunity to meet with three new bankers, a meeting scheduled immediately, and tons of other things to do. People wanted to know about the trip(s) (which I promise is coming) and I was able to show off the 34 pictures (of 3,000+ taken) that I had printed off.

I also was reminded of the all supervisor meeting that is scheduled for 9 am Wednesday morning. [Insert cursing.] While I know the meeting will be informative and fun, it is scheduled for 9 AM. Not my favorite time of day.

So instead of heading to Perkins after work with Sarah and Char (and anyone else who wanted to join us), I headed home and I'll be hitting the hay in just a few moments. I also wanted to post a long post of one of our adventures from last week. But those will require pictures and I'm not staying up long enough to write the entire thing. YUCK!

On a positive note, it is 74 degrees tonight with a soft warm wind blowing. On my drive home, I had the windows down and my favorite song came up in rotation on the CD player. It was one of those moments when I knew things are pretty darn good.

Instead of writing a long post about the trip, I'll leave you with a few random moments. In Canada (at least Ontario), there are signs warning drivers of deer and moose crossing points. We have these signs in Minnesota, but they are only deer on the signs. Our signs have notes under them on occasion that state, "x miles." In Canada, the description was, "Night Danger." Which we found HI-larious.

Night Danger has become one of DM and my favorite phrases. It is always said in the tone of surprise and louder than our normal voices.

Now, the hotel (motel) that we stayed in in Canada was not the top of the line. While it was clean and quaint, it was a long way from being 5-star. No biggie, but it made for interesting conversation. The door locked by a push lock and the chain was long enough that if the door was opened, a person on the outside could undo the chain without much problem. The nice thing about being in Canada is that the people are extremely nice and the danger of a serial killer getting us was less than slim to none. But we like to joke.

While talking with a banker tonight, I told him about the motel and the Night Danger signs. He commented that the chances of a serial killer were very low and that the moose were more dangerous. That's when he said, "That's why they have Night Danger - Moose! signs and not Night Danger - People! signs."

That's when I lost it in a stream of giggles.

As much as vacations are brilliant and that if I was independently wealthy I wouldn't work, I did miss my team one hell of a lot.

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