Monday, May 08, 2006

For Those Who Are Wondering What Could Have Happened at Karaoke Sunday Evening

Two words: Softball Season. The bar was packed. It's interesting to see how busy it was without 5 of the regulars being there (we were sans DM, Angie Ang, her beau Steve, Craig, and Sara). It was warmer outside than it was inside the bar and I sat at the bar, waiting for others to show, wondering how odd it would look for me to wear my jacket the entire time.

Some observations and points of interest from the night:

For those who didn't think Donny was unattractive enough, I realized as I sat by him (and Bobby, Andrew, the pull tab lady (Christine?), and some other guy who I think is Andrew's friend) that he chews. Bobby provided a spit cup and it just wasn't overly enjoyable to watch.

The softball crowd from a large electronics retailer was there and brought probably 40 people with them.

Becky was the first of our group to arrive after I did, then Amy snuck in, James, Char, and then Dan. Liz arrived earlier than normal, but the rest of the crew was there before karaoke even started. Bryan was happy to note that no one stole his man purse this week (unlike last week).

One of the softball crew decided to order a round of shots. She picked the shot, told Bobby what she expected to be in it, and then as he was making them exclaims, "I can't drink this! It has carbs in it!" This made Donny, Andrew, Bobby, and I all chuckle.

We took a table in the back of the bar and sang a bit. We talked about the war, Germany, Ireland, Lost, and our jobs. Everyone asked where DM was and I explained that she didn't feel good, joking that I was going to tell everyone that she hated us all and was never going to show again. Bryan said, "You should tell everyone that she was upset that we teased her about her eye."

Liz sang a new song for her, Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks. As she was singing, this man with a boombox got up to play air guitar in front of the stage. Oh my! Pictures will be posted soon. He kept doing his act for other songs, one of them being a group singing Sweet Home Alabama. Rather amusing. At the end of the night, after the music was over, he played his boombox up at the bar and danced to the tape he made. The songs on the tape were obviously taped from the radio and the tape had to have been made pre-1995.

The man came over and asked James for a cigarette. James gave him one and the man was grateful. Grateful enough to let us know that if we had any problems to, "Let me know. I'll take care of them." Then he asked James what bar he was in. He topped it off by trying for the whole "bumps" thing with his fist.

We said our goodbyes and Char and I headed to Perkins. That's the night. Not too crazy, but it had its moments.

Note: DM - you should call me Monday evening.