Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I have only a few minutes before I dash out the door and start my work week. Today I bring to you the random searches that have produced clicks to my site that people didn't bother to stick around and read. Enjoy. Or cringe. I have done that occasionally.

Relating to posts about music lyrics:

And you will not be alone
"Now Here Comes the Night" piano

Okay, I'm not going to put them into categories:

Ate his own testicles
Silent oak
Thighs you’d like to
Jerome Deya
Online story – novel sexy
Tutenstein soundtrack
Pool cues used in the Quantum Leap the pool hall blues episode
Stories about my Saturday night
Torture devices
People outside café
Looking for karaoke glasses that project words on the inside of the glasses
The written lyrics to theme song to Dukes of Haz
The best part of my life are the friends I have and the time I share with t
"Trip to Moldova" girls
boots stories
Vibrating plows dealers (I’m #4 on Yahoo for this)
Sheepshead sushi