Thursday, May 05, 2005


As bread and butter carrying Americans in Portugal, DM and I had a habit of responding to information by saying, "Okay." Johnny pointed this out and found it hilarious. (HI-larious is when it is even better than hilarious.) She asked a few times if this was an American thing or a Minnesotan thing.

Because of Johnny pointing this out, I am much more aware of it. I have been hearing it in conversation much more frequently, except I have noticed it in a different category of people than just Americans or Minnesotans. It seems to be a bit more specific.

I did not notice it at karaoke. I didn't notice it when hanging out with either of my parents. Okay was not a frequent word at the pool hall. Tom does not say it repeatedly. The people at NABABNA do.

That's right, I hear it constantly at work. I listened to some of the quality assurance calls for our team and one call I heard the banker say, "Okay," to use active listening skills at the beginning of the call. In the first minute of the call, I heard, "Okay," 9 times. We end up using "Okay" instead of other words because it is considered more professional than, "Yep," or "Uh-huh." Phrases like, "Got it" or "Sure" seem to take longer to say and since time is a factor, those who have worked for NABABNA for a bit of time use "Okay" quite regularly.

That's where I think I've picked up this word. So when you tell me something, I will probably respond, "Okay."