Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Anti-Mother's Day Post

Just kidding. I do love my mom very much and I could write really sappy things here, but everyone else has done it already. Instead, I leave you with a couple of links about stories of my mom.

The first story in this post is about her.

A message on my phone from my mom.

A sweet story about my mom.

I have also been quite busy with the photos from Portugal. Do you know how long it takes to load over 4,000 pictures onto an iPod? About an hour. Geez, it's only 6 GB! But now my iPod has all the pictures from Portugal on it and they are right at my fingertips!

In the hopes of developing pictures without breaking the bank, I made two CDs with pictures of different days. Each has under 150 pictures on them. I still have about 3,000 pictures to go through and pick which to develop, but hey, it is a start! I have cropped some of the pictures already and also changed some to black and white images.

All on for karaoke tonight too. My plans for the day include going to my dad's and having dinner with him and my paternal grandparents. I am sure they want to see pictures from the trip and get stories. I was pretty out of it when they picked DM and I up from the airport. Then I need to pick up DM (I should call her, I need to get her earlier than normal) and be in Coon Rapids at 9 PM on the dot. This will be when Tom gets off work. I am picking him and Char up for karaoke. After karaoke, I will take DM home, then grab food with Char and Tom, and then take them to the airport. They are leaving for a one week vacation to Jamaica.

It is also Matt's birthday today. We are seeing him at karaoke. Happy Birthday Matt!