Thursday, May 12, 2005

Suggestions Needed

Hello wonderful Blogosphere. DM and I are trying our hardest to help Johnny visit us. We have both added Google Ad Sense to our sites (just a little click and it helps earn money for Johnny). DM set up a Cafe Press account and is making buttons, magnets, and other fun products with pictures from our trip.

I decided it can't hurt to also set up a Cafe Press shop. You can find it by going to and looking around.

I have a few things added already, all images from our day trip to Evora.

I should get to what I'm asking. If you are interested in any pictures from the trip to be added to postcards or note cards (lovely thank you notes, quick birthday cards, you get the picture), let me know. I can add up to 70 products to this store and anything you'd like to purchase will benefit Johnny. She's a vet student and needs a holiday! We want to take her to the Minnesota State Fair (cows and pigs and butter queens!), show her the giant spoon with the cherry on it, and bring her to karaoke to hear Bryan singing in person. And there is so much more that we would love to show her. I've posted many images. There are even more on flickr. Just click the "more of brooksba's photos" in the flickr badge on my sidebar. You may need to scroll down a bit to find it. It's underneath my links.

Thank you. I appreciate any help given and any suggestions to the shop!