Friday, May 20, 2005

My First Challenge

Posting something, anything, is one of the things I like to do every night when I get home. I did not post anything last night, mainly because I was tired, but also because I went out and didn't get home until late. Normally, I would have stayed up a few extra minutes to tell a story about the day or share a little news, but I didn't. I realized that I would have to get up early today, no hitting the snooze button for an hour and a half.

I arrived at work early today to face one of my first challenges as a supervisor head on. With the new promotion and the new team, I also have the task of hiring a brand new team lead, someone to do the job that I was previously holding. Today, I felt like a new supervisor.

My business cards are ordered, the corporate credit card is on the way, and now I'm in the process of weeding through applications and giving interviews. I have gotten a bit lucky with the interviews, considering two other supervisors need to hire a lead the same time I do (my former boss and a different supervisor from the other side of the wall). My former boss is trying to replace me and it is interesting to watch him look for certain qualities in a lead, knowing that he is judging a bit based on my performance. We talk constantly about what we both want in candidates (which I am not really able to discuss here) and neither of us have had to hire anyone for this type of position before.

Our first interview was today. I was a bit nervous for the interview and this helps give me a perspective of the potential employee. There is a large range of personality types and experience levels applying, some are internal NABABNA employees, some are external.

The first interview I gave (a panel style, luckily I had the other supervisors in the room with me) went pretty well. I feel a bit more comfortable knowing that I have another interview tomorrow and I have a better picture of what I am looking for in a team lead now.

Since I've been on cloud 9 about this new job, I wanted to share my excitement a bit. Here's the part where maybe DM gets a bit mad at me.

After work tonight, Char and I went to The Chalet. I wanted to tell Bryan and Liz and Bobby. We didn't sing. Char and I played five games of darts and watched as this VERY drunk or high woman danced to all the songs. She was HI-larious! It was low-key and just a bit of fun. I had wanted to stop in and see a couple of friends.

I am trying to keep relaxed, knowing the big decision that is now in my court. I have a lot of work to do to get this new team up and running and I want the best person who will be great with new bankers.

And I have no end to this post. So, good night! Be good.