Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Time and Energy

As odd as it sounds coming from my lips (or fingers), I am tired and want to head to bed a bit early tonight. It wasn't a long day in any way, but I didn't really get out and do much, so I feel like it is time to catch some zzzzzzs.

The problem? I decided to try a new service offered through my scrapbooking stuff to have pictures uploaded and then printed and mailed to me. Until I realized I could actually develop film without leaving the house AT ALL, I never realized how truly lazy I can be. There are cost saving benefits to this little project (the first 20 prints are free - yeah, that will make a dent in the Portugal pictures, I'm still trying to convince myself of that). I am actually probably only going to develop about 50 pictures from this service tonight. It's more of the quality that I am testing out.

The problem? It takes WAY too long to upload this many pictures. I just grabbed one folder and hit the upload key. It has been running for an hour and a half.

I still have about 20 minutes of upload time left. I'm so glad I use a cable modem. This takes me back to the days of high school, when our family first got online. Remember those days? Back when someone would say "gigabyte" and you'd laugh, thinking, "I could never put that much information on a computer!" I never dreamed about blogging back then or about posting pictures online or even being able to send more than one image over the 'net at a time.

This post just got really off topic. All I wanted to say is I'm developing film online and it pretty much rocks.