Tuesday, May 10, 2005

As promised (a while ago)...

I wanted to share some more pictures, especially since I've been going through them so much. These pictures are from our day at the Oceanario. I wrote about it here.

My favorite animal is a penguin. I just think they are absolutely adorable and full of spunk. Narrowing down the penguin pictures from the trip was probably the hardest part for me.



Chick, black and white

Penguin, black and white



You'd be amazed to know that the black and white images do not come from the same color images. Penguins in captivity don't tend to move around all that much.

The next six pictures are from different parts of the aquarium. Some are outside (the first three) and then some are of underwater life.

oceanarrio 5

dana on bridge leaving 2

beth on bridge leaving bw cropped

yellow fish


indian 8

You're halfway there! But they are just pictures, easy on the eyes (hopefully). The next six pictures are all from the downstairs display of Indian Ocean life.

indian down 3 edited

indian down 7

indian down 18 flash

indian down 23

indian down 29 edited

indian down 47

As you can see, I did edit a couple of the pictures. Nothing too crazy, just lightened a few that were dark (no flash photography allowed) and then I cropped a couple. Sometimes I would remove the color. There are only a few pictures that I did anything too crazy. The king crab above was one that I added red tones to. I wanted to display some of the color. In the next photos, there is one I did something pretty wild to change the image. It is a chrome effect. Let me know what you think of it. The original picture was nothing to write home about.

moon jellyfish

atlantic down 23

atlantic down 13 edited

atlantic down 10

Chrome fish

big tank 12

I hope you liked the pictures. Let me know what you think. I am also finishing up the last post that details our adventures in Portugal. That should be up by the end of tomorrow night.